Friday, May 16, 2008

Unlikely Hero

The other day when I spoke of film characters with inspirational style, I forgot one very important one:

Angelina Jolie in "Hackers"! Where I was infatuated with little Natalie Portman and her frenchie haircut, my sister Iris loved Angelina's widow's peak pixie in "Hackers" she decided to cut her long black locks in the same manner. She had fostered this delusion that it would be a good fit because she resembles Angelina. It wasn't, and she doesn't. I think Angelina (aka "Acid Burn") in that Gen-X delight that was "Hackers", would definately wear this jacket:It's so loud and tacky and 90's! Very raver, very Acid Burn. And I, like Susie Bubble, am slightly ashamed that I would snap it up in a second, had I those kinds of funds. And because she is a child of the urban warriors period, Acid Burn would pair the jacket with something totally clashing, like this skirt.

my much sought-after chloe boots, to top off the tech soldier vibe:

A black neoprene tank, some miscellaneous tribal jewelry like these bracelets

and last but not least, some blue lipstick:

Et voila, you are Acid Burn! Now go teach those seedy corporate capitalists who's boss!

Photos courtesy of, Elle UK (via Style Bubble),,,

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WendyB said...

I absolutely love that jacket.