Thursday, November 27, 2008

Change the Channel

I am alive!

Seriously, sorry for being so neglectful lately. But until the end of next week (the dreaded finals) I don't have time for blogging. Or friends. Or sleeping. I swear on all that is holy that I will get around to returning some of your lovely emails/comments. My apologies, things will be back in working order soon, but right now my GPA comes first, yo. In the mean time, I've been thinking a lot about channeling a certain character from a film or book in my clothes, and I thought I'd share.

Cassie from Skins
Skins is finally here in the US (on the BBC) and I am full-blown addicted. Gossip Girl is sooooo passe. Like every other fashion enthusiast, I fell hard for the character Cassie, a madcap, trippy-hippy anorexic who never gets enough screen time. She's all about insane in the membrane when it comes to clothes. Flashy. clashing. Anything goes. I want to be the brunette version of her, minus the eating disorder.

cassie by hr2021

rose by hr2021
From "The Ballad of Jack and Rose" Camilla Belle plays a girl who spent an entire life on a commune in on an island off the east coast with her dashingly Scottish father, Daniel Day Lewis. Set in the 80's, Rose's anachronistic style of clothes inherited from her mother looks fresh amongst her step family's big hair, nylon tracksuits, and greasy metal rocker style. Rose's style is earthy, laid back, and most of all, she looks really comfortable.

Part two (along with the bajillion other things I've promised you) coming soon. Can you tell this post was the result of lazyness mixed with absolute exhaustion?...ooops. Shhh! Don't tell! I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

How To Dress European (Part Two)

I have a vlog coming as soon as I can get the internet to cooperate with me. Swear.
In the meantime, the title of this is self-explanitory. Once again, purely sarcastic and tongue in cheek. Please, a fashion blog is not a proper forum for sociocultural debate.

Someone commented on the last post that they "deadly want" to see my riff on German style. Lucky for you, I have spent half my life surrounded by Germans! Taciturn, cliched Germans who were usually my teachers and with whom I never got along particularly well. So keep in mind, my biases are fully-formed.

A German woman simply cannot bother herself with all these extraneous layers and peices, so a dress is a must.

Being German is all about being modern,and there is no room in a German wardrobe for any "vintage" references. Let's leave the past where it belongs, shall we?

Form follows function.

A German woman loves sparkly baubles, but practices restraint. "Bling" is not leitkultur, kids.

It is one of the greatest injustices of life that I was not born Scandinavian. Any of you have who have ever followed a street style blog know what I'm talking about. It seems like they're all tall and ribbon-slim, with soigne style and a creamy complexion to boot. My first time in Stockholm you will probably find me weeping in my hotel room shrieking, "I can't go outside! They're all too...beautiful."

They all have Acne....Acne Jeans clothing.

On any other person, tights as pants would be at best, a fashion faux pas, and at worst, incredibly unflattering. But the rules don't apply to you. This one has delightfully edgy leather panels.

Neutral colours as always.

And edgy shoes that no one else could walk in.