Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I know I haven't exactly been keeping up with the whole "post more" resolution and I totally owe you kids a Q&A, but um....college is fun. I'm just now discovering this.

It's been freezing pretty much everywhere here in the U.S. lately, AL included. Yesterday, we were colder than Moscow, which is not something you can deal with very easily if you've lived here for more than three years and have acclimated to our annoyingly mild winters. I think this means a lot of us have been reverting back to our "uniforms" whatever that be (with the notable exception of Tavi, but I think we all know she's only 20% human, 80% fashion deity). For me, it's thick black tights, a v neck sweater, flat boots and a quilted anorak. Thus, nothing post worthy. But even someone like myself, who normally would be quite content if the temp never rose above 55, has turned, with aching longing, to thoughts of spring. Bubble tea and floral dresses. Picnics with boys, never wanting to go to class and general mirth.

springtime by hr2021

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Learn to love the scenery

These past couple of weeks have been ker-azy. Classes have started again and....

I've moved! After a year and half of slugging it out on a daily hour and twenty minute commute, I finally broke down and got a dorm room. This means the outdoor outfit posts that we've all come to love will be limited. It's not that bad to be the campus "lunatic girl who takes self-timed pictures of herself voguing on benches and by sycamore trees" in theory, however in practice it could become problematic. But I'm sure I can get semi-creative with my, erm, cozy, surroundings.

I hope you all had a grand new year. My resolutions are to drink more water, blog more often and avoid impulse purchases like the plague. What are some of yours?