Thursday, February 26, 2009

Talk Turkey

mmkay, I know I am way overdue in discussing all this, but OMFG.

Probably my favourite collection in NYC was Proenza Schouler. So damn cool! I would wear ANY of this. Oh, if only!

I must have these shoes before I die. No disussion.

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
I want him almost as much as I want the shoes. Almost.

Erin Fetherston. I'm obsessed with these animal masks.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Frilly, comfy chic. I connected with this a lot more than his Max-Headroom redux.

The hands down winner is of course, Rodarte. I dont need to say a thing.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Youth of the Nation

I've always been rather insistant on the idea that I'm simply never going to have children. But the idea that I would get to dress up a little girl like this has me reconsidering.

And me at nine, would have been stuffing candy hearts in this kid's locker like every day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lazy Hipster

Midterms (because my professors are sadists and like to have TWO midterms). I don't need to explain. I swear for the billionth time I will do Q&A and I have a couple EPIC posts and a vlog in the pipe. Patience, grasshopper

Monday, February 2, 2009

Feel the Noise

My mama made me a cowl scarf! I simply flipped for Yokoo's designs, but in all respect for her, I do not have $120 for a scarf. I do not have $20 for a scarf. A cappuccino from Starbucks is my big treat these days. (thank you, economic downturn and ruinous, red tooth and claw American job market!) The yarn set me back about six dollars, and the labour was free because it was a labor of loooove. Aww. As Alabama has been getting in fact, colder, I've been living in it.

I know I need to do my Q&A and answer a TON of emails, which I promise to do once my professors lay off this insufferable "homework" that they insist upon....I'm not even voting age yet...