Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Youth of the Nation

I've always been rather insistant on the idea that I'm simply never going to have children. But the idea that I would get to dress up a little girl like this has me reconsidering.

And me at nine, would have been stuffing candy hearts in this kid's locker like every day.


J.Yo said...

we have same thoughts, girl! i always thought raising kids is so not going to happen, but STYLING them, is rather tempting!

ginny said...

same! i agree! but isn't that kind of weird? to have children just to style them?

and my nine-year-old self would fight you for him...he looks like an adorable, long-haired paul mccartney in his beatles days.

Becca Jane said...

I am with you on the idea of how awesome it would be to share love of fashion and style with my kids - perhaps like Jane of Sea of Shoes and her mom who both have fabulous style.

These two kids are stylishly adorable too.

Jei said...

Sometimes I feel like having children just to buy them clothes. Aside from that, I would just have someone else take them =X

- Jei