Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hats Off

Gosh, it's been a while since I've posted. A nasty habit for a newbie trying to get her blog off the ground! *slaps wrist*

I am a hat girl. They suit me. They suit anyone I think. Find one that suits you, throw it on in the morning and it doesn't really matter what you're wearing from the neck down, it automatically looks as if you gave a damn when you were getting dressed that morning. I have berets in many colours and fabrics, a bowler hat or two, even the ocassional elaborate headband (coming in a later post), a newsboy, a jockey cap. I am an equal opportunity lover of headwear, and seeing as the wretchedly hot and sunny climate I currently inhabit does not really allow for my preffered, wooly knit caps, I have been looking for a summer replacement. More to the point, I already have one.

When I first laid eyes on this cap in Urban Outfitters catalogue, I knew it had to become mine. The gilded rose elegantly perched atop a velvet cocktail hat--how could I resist? And thanks to my very generous mother, I didn't have to. It became a secret shame however....I have never worn it. Christmas has come and gone, yet it sits, untouched, in its little hatbox. I simply never knew how to go about wearing it. Hair up or down? Would up look too old fashioned? Would down look too messy? All of my normal clothes seemed simply too casual and disheveled in the face of this glamorous little gem, none of my occasions worthy. But the thought of it sitting alone, in the dark, the gold losing its lustre, breaks my heart. So let's hear it---how would you wear it?

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Fashionable Obsessions said...

You definitely need to wear the correct thing with it. I think it is super cute though. Maybe with a red dress and some chunky heels?