Friday, May 30, 2008


I've discussed the Luella Bartley spring collection briefly before. And while I certainly have no issue with the proliferation of elements of that trend (frills, leather jackets, docs, liberty prints ect.) as they're all things I love and can wear separately as well as together when this "Ghost World" craze has blown over. And it can be a bit bothersome when everyone has their own take on "the Enid look", as I suppose we all like to keep the delusion intact that we are the only one to take inspiration from a popular designer on the cheap. In the blogging world, the idea that any of your well, ideas, are completely original, is a pretense that quickly meets its end. But for the most part you can deal with that, because there's a sense of comraderie. You may be the only girl wearing geek glasses on purpose in Anytown, USA, but that girl in Everytown does it too. She gets the weird stares too. And you can bond because you're bold enough to go against the small town grain.

But I do definitely chafe against a trend when it becomes ubiquitous enough to gain direct knock-offs at a mass market department store like Topshop. i.e., this dress:

I need not remind any of you, I daresay, that you've seen this dress before. And it is a testament to me contradictory nature that if this were an American department store and I didn't have to deal with the current, dismal exchange rate, I would snap this up in a second. In any event, I shall try to post my wardrobe's take on the Enid by the end of the weekend.

The real question is: will we fashion followers embrace Luella's fall look with equal vigor? Will fashion editors be waxing poetic about "The Crucible chic" while we raid Hot Topic to approximate the look by September?

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Beanie said...

I have to say I think I prefer Luella's A/W collection to the spring collection that has become so popular. I tend to shy away from florals, so the more gothic looks of the A/W stuff are right up my street!
Btw, is that Black Cat, White Cat as in that mad Yugoslavian film? I saw it a few years ago - love it!