Monday, May 12, 2008

Fit to be Untied

Some days you just want getting dressed to be easy. No superfluous accessories, no complicated layering or fancy, constricting fabric....But you can't quite bring yourself to look like the average slob in a Steve and Barry's sweatshirt either. This is where a simple cotton dress can be indispensible, practical and above all, comfy. Yesterday, Saturday's nasty storms had brought a volley of decidedly un-Southern brisk winds and I just couldn't suppress the desire to stretch out on a patch of grass in the park and watch clouds. This outfit began with several peices of jewelry, suctioned-on skinny jeans and wobbly heels. But by noon I just HAD to break out, and I rather prefer it like this, don't you?

Forgive the "trying to keep my dress from blowing up" pose. I am not Marylin Monroe.

Dress: Volcom Hat: Urban Outfitters


Beanie said...

I like this look - it's so relaxed and summery. It really suits you!

Hanna said...

Why thank you!