Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Full Metal Jacket

That's right kids, I'm longing for leather no longer! (sorry, I couldn't resist the alliteration value there)

Forgive the icky flash photo, I really didn't have time to fuss over it. My struggle with the leather jacket has been long and hard. I've wanted one since the beginning of the year. Normally, I'm against such blatant obsession with a trend, but I realized that it was a warm, practical way to edge out my rather femme wardrobe of empire dresses and chiffon miniskirts. When I knew I was travelling to NYC which can grow a bit chilly at night, my search came to a head. It had to be inexpensive, and it didn't have to be leather. In fact, I would prefer non-leather as I've always had an issue with leather being an animal product. I looked in every store imaginable, all the mall stores stocked were cutesy bell-sleeved cropped jackets. Not warm. Not practical. Target only had Ziggy Stardust-esque metallic jackets leftover from fall. An interesting concept, but not exactly a "go with everything" peice. I looked online, everywhere possible, no dice for under a hundred dollars. Thrift store jackets were of red, Michael Jackson variety. I had pretty much given up on finding one and begrudgingly settled on a plain black anorak, when today, in TJ Maxx, I literally stumbled over this jacket. It had fallen off the rack. It was in my size. And it was twenty dollars.

God does love me! I proceeded to do an embarrassing jig of happiness and promptly took it home. It's slightly short in the torso, but whatever, I can work around that. And I do have some pangs of guilt from buying real leather, but I rationalized that I would wear it so much, the cow's life would not be in vain. Though, even I have to admit, there is something very ironic about a hippie in recycled bamboo and rubber tire shoes wearing a leather jacket.

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Rachie-Pie said...

Geez $20?! for leather that is excellent. I do love TK maxx (its called this in the UK). The chepest is probably $16 in the UK for a fake leather jacket!