Friday, May 23, 2008


My last post is an indicator of things to come on this blog. Intellectuals Read Vogue, Too, not even a month yet out of its infancy, is metamorphosing into a beeeautiful butterfly. I love fashion and all, and there will still be plenty of ultima moda posts, but frankly, I find all fashion all the time a little boring. I love other fashion blogs, and I totally respect the kind of discipline it takes to post multiple times a day, to constantly come up with new outfits and have the presence of mind to remember to phograph all your new purchases and make magazine scans. I simply don't have the juice, or the extra time, for that kind of thing.
Every time I'd sit down at the keyboard, I'd find myself wanting to make a post about a book I just read or what happened to me yesterday more than my desire for gladiator sandals. I have many different interests, most of them fickle, and I should be able to write about what takes my imagination captive at that particular moment in time, and was very frustrated with the limitations of my subject matter. Then I realised, "Wait a second...this is MY blog!". And I can write whatever I want in it. So, are the few of you who are actually reading this cool with IRVT's makeover, or will you be tuning out and turning off? Opinions, please!
Postscript- Yes, I'm keeping the name, unless of course, you can come up with a better one.


Beanie said...

I say write about whatever you want to - as you say, it's your blog! Personally, I think some of the most interesting blogs are the ones that post about a range of things, particularly if they make the topics work well together. I'll be interested to see what you come up with!

Rachie-Pie said...

I totally agree with you. Why post outfits everyday? You will only end up repeating yourself as you will wear the same combo again. I do post outfit piks SOMETIMES...not everyday. On other days I post whatever and everything I want to talk about or bought...! I agree its more interesting to read mixed topic blogs outfits blogs are boring because you can almost predict what they will wear plus who can be bovered to wait for ginormous piks to be loaded?! Your name is cool by the way do not change! I do not like gladiator sandles...they are ugly but it seems everyone else loves them.