Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Soundtrack of Your Life

My most recent music purchase:

I think I'm finally understanding why they use Broken Social Scene on so many different movie soundtracks, in fact, they are used almost exclusively on "The Tracey Fragments" a movie I'm still dying to see.

Broken Social Scene doesn't have the most poetic, articulate lyrics or fabulously original arrangements. They won't necessarily become through the passage of time one of those bands that influences other great bands, or one of those bands you absolutely have to "discover" in high school if you have any indie credibility whatsover. Like their fellow soundtrack favourites Aphex Twin, they are more apt to capture an atmosphere than to take on a defined subject in their music. But in my opinion, their ability to put the frenetic mood of a romp through the city or of youth angst making out in a backroom, or dancing it out at a party, is above reprieve. Their music never seems to have a defined subject matter. In fact, you can rarely seem to grasp what the hell they're even singing about, but their slithering backbeats are returned with crunching dissonance, and it serves as a suprisingly good substitute to the headrush of the moments they so desperately try to soundtrack in celluloid adventures. This is the music you want playing in the backround when you do anything dangerous or exciting, riding a motorcycle, making out in the car for the first time, sneaking into a club. No one would accuse Broken Social Scene of becoming the next Velvet Underground, but they do what few artists can: use a beat and a few whispered lyrics to crystallise time.

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