Saturday, May 24, 2008


Next week, I am planning a trip to the grande dame, the can't-miss of all American cities:

NYC!!! Or, as my fellow children of conversion affectionately call it, Jew York. It's been a long time since I've been, I was so small I don't particularly remember it, so I am absolutely ecstatic. The fashion, the culture, just all of it. I have never been one for small places (thus why I bristle so fiercely against my current residence of roughly 300k population) and NYC has been my naive, romantic dream since I was a preteen in the verdant, soggy forests of Oregon. I already have quite an extensive itenerary: The Met, MoMA, Neue ect. (I am an art nerd of epic and legendary preoccupations). The food: Lombardi's Pizza (I am lucky enough to have fallen into a small pocket of the Italian community here, so I'm used to the pizza, but regardless, I'm told the pizza of NY is not something that can be replicated). And of course, lower east side food deli food. My poor papa insists he hasn't had a pastrami sandwich made by one of God's people since the 90's, and I am jonesing for a good knish. Brighton Beach, so I can brush up on my Russian. And last but not least, schools. NYU and Columbia University, as I am hoping to transfer schools next fall.

This being said: I only have a week to see as much as possible, and I don't want to spend hours wandering aimless and disoriented in Manhattan due to the sheer sensory overload I shall no doubt encounter. So, those of you that have lived there or have experience with the Big Apple, divulge your secrets! What are some must-do things while there? What are some overrated tourist activities I should definitely skip? Where are the best places to shop, particularly for fashion steals? So much to contemplate, so please, help me out here!


Anonymous said...

egh williamsburg is the new cool place to be or so i've heard, they have some really good thrift stores exspecially beacons closet but dont stay long, the hipsters might get you

Rachie-Pie said...

WOO Im going NYC this summer...1 month away and counting the days...excitable!