Monday, May 26, 2008


Let me preface this by saying, I heart Nylon magazine something fierce. When I don't have the ridiculous amount of money to splash out on foreign mags like Vogue Italia, Lula, Numero ect, it gives me a much needed breath of air from Vogue's static editorials and elitist articles. But seriously Nylon, WTF?!I know you're not the edgy, underground zine you once were. I get that. I get that some of your article (like those written by a certain, serpentine It girl) are kind of throwaways. And I still love you anyways because occasionally you can pull out a fab photospread and regain your pulse long enough to sense a trend before it hits. And I'm also aware that a joint issue with Myspace of all things, is going to be rife with selling out-masquerading-as-hipness. Honestly, I understand...

But Scarlett freaking Johansson?! Sincerely? That's the best you can come up with for a music issue? If I asked her to, would she even know to play that guitar she's wrapped around? And while I have no doubt her Tom Waits cover album is at least passable from the actresses as singers perspective, a proper subject for a music issue she IS NOT. And all of your "up and coming" bands I heard about, and promptly became bored of, around six months ago. Beth Ditto is supposed to strike me as fresh and interesting? Know your readership! "New and exciting" to the average American Idol fan, is hardly so much to me, or anyone like me. And as for the fashion---there was none, essentially. Not one visually interesting editorial to keep me optimistic until next month. So there, Nylon. I dare you---suprise me.

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Ragamala said...

Scarlett can't sing very well, but I do admire her style choices and her comfortability with her body.