Saturday, May 17, 2008

Living Well

I have my graduation impending. Well, not my graduation, technically. It would have been my graduation, had I stayed at the academy and not dropped out to sojourn back to Oregon and graduate a year and a half early. And while I liked my school well enough, I despised roughly eighty-percent of its inhabitants. But one of my oldest friends is graduating and I have to go. This being said, I want to show up pretty. Jealous-making pretty. Yes, a little backhanded I know, but I can't help myself. I have about a week to find something, and a very paltry budget of about eighty dollars. It's being held in a church, so obviously nothing too tarty, but something that still illustrates that I'm finally out of those godforsaken awkward adolescent years. If I had unlimited cash, my choice would be this Mulberry dress:

Edgy, and I certainly would not have to worry about another girl wearing the exact same thing. But at a bracing £695 british pounds, roughly 1,360 American dollars at the current exchange rate, it falls, as much of my most coveted clothes do, in the "pffffft! you wish..." category. So, what's your advice? How does one dress for a graduation on a budget, without reverting back to some tired ruffled sundress, or yawn-worthy LBD?

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