Sunday, July 13, 2008

Situation, It's All Possible

Trekked into the city yesterday, I had big plans regarding shopping and vintage trolling and record store loitering, but we spent so long being held hostage by my father's eccentric and very lonely Harvard grad cousin. Every time I visit him it's like, "My God, why are we not bringing this poor man a casserole every weekend?!" So I only got to go, briefly, to Urban Outfitters. I bought a boring gray sweater, but it is the fuzziest sweater known to mankind. And a simple black miniskirt which I am now regretting. I mean, it's essentially thirty-eight dollars for a tube of cotton jersey. I keep thinking that second I decide to keep it and rip off the tags, I will find the exact same thing in Target for sixteen. Blech, I'm mulling. I think perhaps I should stick to online shopping, Urban Outfitters stores are always on a gigantic scale and it overwhelms me.

Forgive me for this incredibly poor outfit photo, my camera was dying, so no flash.

I have finally discovered the secret of the keffiyeh! It's like a cool version of a pashmina. It's big enough to be worn a billion different ways, and it's suprisingly warm. You can even use it as a very handy "travel blanket".

The skirt in question.


Anonymous said...

i saw a skirt like that a f21. urban outfitters is such a rip off

Wendy said...

The skirt is not worth the money. You can probably get it at Target, seriously.

yiqin; said...

Sucks. I know how bad it feels when you buy something that yknw is really not worth it :/