Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mettero una gonna aderente per l'occasione

We all know that with people my age in particular, the miniskirt is practically the only fashion option considered when it comes to skirts. Whether it's a pencil skirt worn high on the waist, an obscene American Apparel fabric swatch passing for a mini, or those damn frilled Luella knockoffs. And don't get me wrong, I totally love them, anything to lengthen my stubby pins is a definite must. But they're not exactly practical, I'm always having to yank down the hem if I take too long a stride, and the other day I was sitting on a park bench to find some perverse little boy trying to look up my skirt! Which has brought me to contemplate a style I have not considered since highschool, when I was going through my hippie phase. The long skirt.

It's comfortable, forgiving, you don't have to worry about bending over when you drop your keys. But how does one wear it without looking like a reject from the year 2003? Stick to solid colours, patterns tend to recall either an aging art teacher, or a member of the Holiness sect. One of the biggest supporters of the long skirt was Olivier Theyskens when he worked at Rochas.

His designs look both terribly modern, and wonderfully romantic. I wouldn't suggest wearing them with a high neck or long sleeves. I fear you would too closely resemble a character from a du Maurier novel. If you have long hair like myself, don't wear it down, it will look too heavy. And unless you are super tall, wear long skirts with heels, but make sure the skirt isn't so long that you're tripping over it!

You can find a long silk ball skirt in pretty much any consignment shop in the country.

Keep it simple with a delicate tank top

And to keep it young, add a leather jacket and plenty of jewelry.


yiqin; said...

Awesome entry! I am terrified of anything so long actually! But your entry inspired me to find one & wear! :) Awesome suggestions :)

Anonymous said...

i love that second picture, its like a mermaid!!

<3 fashion chalet said...

I've always loved long skirts, glad to see they're finally making a comeback! :)

Thanks for your comment as well ♥

Paris Tarts said...

I still love long skirts...they are nice for relaxing in :)


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