Thursday, July 17, 2008

N is for Neville who died of ennui.

Any of you who went through a "goth phase" in their adolescence is no doubt familiar with artwork and books of one Edward Gorey. His illustrations, with their spidery, undulating, heavy, ink lines and gloomy pall are instantly recognizable. And, at an authorship of over a hundred books (ostensibly for children but some like "The Curious Sofa" were written almost entirely in double-entendre), very prolific. In my opinion, his stories and illustrations are the only reason directors such as Tim Burton's and bands like My Chemical Romance's aesthetic visions are able to exist (though as for the latter, I wish it didn't).
The look of his creative concepts were very distinctive, and as consequence, are essentially ripped off by every emo band's album cover art across the country. There's nothing I hate more than seeing an aesthetic wantonly abused. So, in a fashion related homage, I wondered to myself: "What would one of Edward Gorey's illustrations wear?". Not as some sort of "costume", but as a real life girl living in 2008?

Nothing too overt would do. After all, the Gorey girl is not one who craves attention. Translation: No Hot Topic gear. She would appreciate the soft, feminine aesthetic of the turn of the century and would desire to subtley emulate it in her everyday clothes. Such as this Urban Outfitters dress:
This Miu Miu dress would be first on her list for a big night out:

And she would never, ever be without a pair of black tights.

She is not impractical and most enjoys this Alexander Wang coat when the weather turns chilly:

Gary Graham blouse.

Delias pants.

Topshop hat.

Finally, shoes would be where her perverse side comes out to play. Givenchy's are a favourite.


yiqin; said...

I like the topshop hat!!! I love how black tights make everyone look good!

Stephanie said...

Oh I LOVE these posts where you say what a fictional character would wear, so inspiring! More, please?

Anonymous said...

It's all quite lovely, I would kill to dress like that. I might have to try it soon. So much classier than hot topic!

Tavi said...

I love Edward Gorey. Everything about his books are so eerie but somehow inspirational. I love when you compare art and characters and such with fashion! It's really neat. Never cease to amaze me, Hanna!

Nay'Chelle said...

Those Givenchy booties and UO dress are amazing. I never had a "goth phase" but I love Edward Gorey.

Chloe Tejada said...

Love the boots. I also think this person would wear a corset, sexy lingerie and anything sheer.

RunBarbara said...

Edward Gorey has always been among my favorite artists and I actually did a series of hats inspired by The Insect God when i thought I could manage fashion school (i lasted about two semesters before I realized that I loathe sewing and hipsters in equal portions).

Anonymous said...