Monday, December 29, 2008

RIP Charlotte Charles

I am filled with woe. My favourite show currently on television, Pushing Daisies, has been cancelled! It was a brief, delightful trip, and I think a show destined, (much like "Arrested Development" and "My So-Called Life") to go down with fans as abrupt ending you never really get over.

Starring Lee Pace and Anna Freil as star crossed lovers, the story centers around Ned, a piemaker who touches things and brings them back to life. The catch being that he must touch them again within sixty seconds, or something within the vicinity will die as well, and once he does touch them, they're dead, for good. When he finds that his long-lost childhood crush, Lonely Tourist, Charlotte Charles, whose father Ned had inadvertently killed in their youth, is now a young beekeeper who has met her untimely end at the hands of a plastic smiley face bag and a shiny-shoed murderer, he simply cannot bear to bring himself to touch her again. This means that he gets to be reunited with his soulmate, at the price of well, never touching her again (though they do find some creative and strangely, not at all kinky, solutions to this). Together with private investigator Emerson Cod and scorned waitress Olive Snook, they solve mysteries and murders, such as that of a woman driving an eco-friendly car powered by dandelions, all while making pastries.

It is a hilarious, heartwarming program with the kind of fantastical imagery you might expect from Tim Burton's more optimistically-minded cousin, shot through with turn of the century charm and a spectacular play of contrast colours (someone went to art school), calling to mind both the poetic dynamism of European renaissance art, and the charm of American folk and modern, such as the subjects of Edward Hopper and subtlety of Jasper Johns. It's quirky, without trying too hard, unlike many other "indie" ventures in television. It's sweet, without wallowing in preciosity, philosophical, without rolling around in existentialism all the live long day (*coughHousecough*). In short, in a television landscape dominated by crime dramas and vapid guilty pleasures, it was and is brilliant.

Style wise, they're all fascinating and calculated characters. But my favourite remains Charlotte "Chuck" Charles.

Usually seen in her signature red and a variety of hokey wigs and babushka scarves to hide her identity, her style is retro without being overbearing. It's a mix of 50's tea dresses, 60's babydolls and 70's boots and minis combos, with some modern twists like high waisted tulip skirts thrown in, her wardrobe allows you to never put a "realistic" timeline or date on the show, adding to the fantastical appeal.

Postscript- Dear readers, I am in need of more probing from you! If I am to do a Q&A that's remotely satisfying or revelatory, I really do need a wider berth of questions from all of you, so go ahead, lay them on me. If you would prefer to keep it private/anonymous, feel free to email me. My address is in the sidebar. Thanks!


J.Yo said...

wow, i've ben pondering around wether or not i should watch pushing daisies.. i think it's pretty interesting afterall...

1. what gets you interested in fashion, and since when?
2. if you could be a dress, what dress will you be?
3. what is the WORST trend for you?
4. and what is the BEST trend for you?

Freddie said...

pushing daisies is one of my favorite shows as well. I am so sad to see it go. It is quite possibly the most charming and clever thing to grace TV in recent history and I'm so upset that we will be left with so many mysteries unsolved :(
(and no more fab Chuck outfits... I want to own almost her entire wardrobe! haha)

This blog did a really nice job of chronicling her style in the earlier episodes:

and I'll ask a question... awfully tough in my opinion, but after Chuck, who do you think is the best dressed TV character? ;)

Anonymous said...

I've only seen a few episodes, but I'm surprised it only lasted this long. I'd love to raid Chuck's closet. For questions:
1. What got you into blogging?
2. Your favorite thing in your wardrobe?
3. What are you studying in school?

yiqin; said...

I am so sad they cancelled it :( She has amazing dresses!

Thu said...

it's been cancelled? i was just catching up with it last week. although i have to say, i liked the stories involving the characters more than the part about solving murders. it was getting a bit boring with someone getting killed every week.

Flannie said...

My friends keep telling me I should watch Pushing Daisies. I think I will. I like the colors and the title. That is a good start, isn't it ? ;-)

Nil said...

I didn't know that it was cancelled :( It was the best art direction that I see in a serie and I feel so sorry now... Chuck was a great character and a marvelous style icon

Why did they cancel it?

Btw I loved your blog it's very interesting and inspiring, though I don't have any questions for you now but maybe later :)

Mona said...

OH NO! I love that show!

Chester said...

I love that show!
Its my favorite show as well!

Becca Jane said...

So disappointed about this - I love this show!

Jillian B said...

gah i was totally going to do a post about chuck!
that show is sooo visually amazing

Alice X said...

i love that show, i miss it, chuck's still is sooo amazing.

tizzylishe said...

I really thought Pushing Daisies was a total rip off of Jean Pierre Jeunet's film, AMELIE. I only watched a few episodes but I was blown away how much they borrowed from AMELIE. Duh!!!

AFitz said...

I actually did a post on Chuck too a while back!

Oh and Tizzylishe, the creator of Pushing Daisies admitted that the style was partially inspired by Amelie, but still the show is quit different!

Um....questions questions...are you in University and what do you study? Do you like it?

Ashford said...

aw i always wanted to see this

meg said...

As much as I always want to like Anna Friel, I just can't it seems...I could never get over her performance in the film "You without Me"...anyway, the show on the other hand, a bit of mindless fun for the worked and weary...I hope you find a replacement show that revives you soon!

As for a question...let's see...I will think on that a bit longer to see what I can come up with for you.

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Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

the *ubiquitous spectator* said...

misss it so much still. it was silly and goofy but always visually stunning and colour saturated.
you have impeccable taste, too bad abc doesn't.

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