Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cold Snapped.

Outfit I wore yesterday. Not that avant garde, but I think I should get major credit for the fact that it's finals week and I'm not in sweats. I bought this dress from urban outfitters, but the cheapskates didn't include a slip and I'm having quite a time trying to find one, so until then I'm wearing it as a pseudo skirt. I got it basically for free (with some store credit I forgot I had), I feel bad for the poor suckers who paid the full seventy dollars for it. But I'm excited to have some florals in my wardrobe for the first time since 6th grade.

I got these shoes from the fine people at Solestruck. I know I'm only the billionth blogger to talk them up, but really, these shoes are gorgeous and walkable, and the sale assistants are absurdly sweet. And okay, I admit these didn't make it more than ten minutes at school during this soggy, foggy weather (which my dad refers to as "Oregon, without the benefit of being in Oregon"), but I don't weeble wobble in them like most heels. Palsy stamp of approval!


J.Yo said...

so comfy looking outfit!

judging from the look , i would never have guessed the shoes are soo comfy!

Anonymous said...
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Voodoo Child said...

I certainly do commend you on not dressing in sweats during finals. At times it takes all of my will to not just go to school in pajamas during that time. Great dress too.

Becca Jane said...

great great shoes.