Monday, September 22, 2008

Mea Culpa

Okay, I know I have been a blogging non-entity lately. Blame it on boys, hippies, hospitals, and the Chicago format of writing. I have a dozen or so of you lovely reader, who, etiquette demands, that I reciprocate your wonderful comments. And I sweeeear, I will when I have time, feel free to beat me over the head should I forget. But I have very very exciting news:

My delightful parents finally caved and bought me a new CAMERA!!! Gone are the days of having to take all of outfit pics outside or midday for you to be able to suss out that I am wearing clothes at all. No more of my camera running out of juice mid-photograph. No more having to go to New York Effing City with a disposable camera and having NONE of your photos coming out (and then sobbing uncontrollably). And I will no longer have low resolution photos to decieve you into thinking that I am thin and attractive, how much does that rock?! This means more outfit posts, God and my schedule willing, better personal posts, and hopefully a better blog all around. This also means that maybe in the future (and that is a big maybe, as I am the most tech inept teenager known to mankind) a video blog or two?

Poststript- Are you guys kosher with the innate hugeness of the new header, or do I need to crop it down?


Johanne said...

Hi pretty:) Congrats on your new camera! Looking forward to more outfit posts in the future! About your header, I think it's lovely, but you might wanna crop it down?


yiqin; said...

My parents bought me my panasonic camera as well! :D I like your header as it is.

Hannah Cheeto said...

I really like the the header, and I don't mind its size. Anyway congrats on the new camera! Having a great camera is awesome... I just realized that's another thing I'm going to beg for this Christmas. And I finally know what mea culpa means! (so smart, I know)

beccajanie said...

I like the header as well. Congrats on the new camera - it is always so nice to have a new one to play with.