Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You're so stuck up, when you act like you're so down.

I am a hardcore "music person". I have been that way for a very long time. I've slipped up now and then (peer pressure regarding boybands when I wasn't old enough to even like boys), but generally speaking, I do border on snobbery when it comes to my taste in music, that profile blurb is only partially hyperbolic. I once broke off a date with a guy after I looked up his Facebook and saw he was a diehard nu-metal fan. I often get in arguments with my best friend because she is very apathetic about music and it infuriates me.

In any event, I thought I would explore the cliched "looks" of what people who are loyal to certain genres would wear. Just for giggles. Disclaimer: I am not insinuating that if you listen to these bands, you are required to dress or act like this. It's purely tongue in cheek.

Indie Princess
Likes: Belle and Sebastian, The Smiths, Arcade Fire, Cat Power, Deathcab For Cutie. Urban Outfitters is her BFF. And nothing says "post-90's irony" quite like a plaid and flannel combo.
Chances are she only "converted" to this lifestyle about a year ago, so she still has some leftovers from her billboard top 40 days, like this Hollister skirt.
She thrifts, but only to maintain her cred.

"The" Girl
Likes: What it sounds like. The Virgins, The Teenagers, The Strokes, The Academy Is (only because the lead singer is "hot"), The Bravery.
She generally lives in a more metropolitan area and has a little bit more money to play with, so, bring on the overpriced "distressed" designer tees! Rick Owens

Slutty American Apparel mini (fashion for the plebian set!) is a must.Buttery soft leather jacket.Some very un-mosh ready Louboutins.

Berets are this year's fedora. Now you're ready for Page Six.


Likes: Bat for Lashes, MGMT, The Dirty Projectors, The Mars Volta, Jefferson Aeroplane, Pink Floyd.

She scoffs at your skeezy designer labels. But...if she could afford it, she would take this Tsumori Chisato blouse in a heartbeat.
She's so all over this romper thing.
And anything that makes her resemble Pocahontas.
And she doesn't care if you think her shoes are ugly.


Amelia said...

I like this. Some people are really opposed to stereotypes, but I think if you look at them ironically and play with them, they're worth thinking about. Nice post. btw, where is the striped top from?

Hanna said...

Amelia, both tops are from Urban Outfitters! Thanks for the comment! I love your feedback.

Em said...

So for being a 17 year old Art student, music snob and intellectual, do you not think you would fit into one of these stereotypes? Let's say, Indie Princess?

Anonymous said...

why do you take music so seriously?

Rora said...

so i'm kinda against stereotypes...but this is fun! plus all the clothes are pretty cute XD i'd say i'm a little bit the indie princess type...but only a little bit.

KATLIN said...

Haha, this is a cute compilation! I think I'm a little bit of each of these, I used to own a Hollister skirt, I currently own that AA skirt, and I hate when people flaunt their labels. I think my style is mostly modern hippie, that means loose things, but in neutral colors. I don't think I'll ever give in to the floral thing, it just ain't me.

Hannah Cheeto said...

Haha this is funny... sometimes people do feel pressure/the need to dress to there music tastes. I usually don't but it's fun to see all the stereotypes. And I tagged you!

Nancy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kate24 said...

This is a hilarious observation and I love it! However, I REALLY like many bands in each of your categories, and have the different items (from each category) in my closet, so you are accurate thus far...!!!! I am also quite snobby concerning music and is often one of the first things I question in a prospective mate. I met my first love my a camp fire talking about Radiohead!

holly said...

stereotypes dont like them but this made me laugh/cringe. I think im a bit of all mainly indie princess but pulled with everyother type.

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