Monday, August 4, 2008

Let Me Entertain You

Sorry for the lack of blogging/commenting lately. I've had an awful lot on my plate lately, the keyword being "awful". Not to mention, school starts in two weeks and I have quite a lot to do. Speaking of school, my second year of college will present a challenge not just for my blogging, but for my dressing. I've always loved clothes and aesthetics, but I went through a lot of phases.

A goth phase (think lots of armwarmers made from my dad's socks) when I was in junior high. A punk phase (lots of short schoolgirl skirts). A very long hippie phase and finally, around the beginning of my senior year, I snapped into this weird phase where I thought dressing like you gave a damn meant you were shallow and insecure and adhered strictly to a uniform of jeans, t shirts, flats, no makeup and a ponytail. It wasn't until the end of my first semester in college that I gradually began to ease back into "dressing up". It was the ultimate rebellion: A girl in dresses, tights and ringlet curls every day in a place where peoples' normal ensembles were intended for sleeping in.

But this summer, I started to slip right back into the old "denimification" trap. I'm hoping this is just a bout of laziness for me, so in the meantime I'm trying to think of some school clothes that are affordable, versatile, but still not boring.

Until at least October, it will still be annoyingly warm here, so your standard summery cotton dresses will be my friend for the forseeable future. This one is on sale for $39.99
I cannot possibly overemphasize the importance of flats for a college girl. Heels are doable, but when you have ten minutes to get a quarter mile from the science building to the student centre, you will have no desire to negate practically. Buy them in all colours (red, blue, black, whatever you like) and fabrics as cheaply as possible, they wear out quickly and you can replace them easily. These are Target, $19.99Boots as well. Since I already have flat, practical riding boots, this year I want to buy something a little bit more fun. I like the tough look of these Steve Madden boots. They're a bit steep at $140, but by the time I actually need them they'll probaby be on sale. If not, something tells me lace-ups are going to be very prevalent this season.

I find that when autumn (finally!) rolls around, the easiest way to spice up my mostly-black wardrobe is tights. Fishnet, crocheted, all colours of the rainbow. But obviously since tights aren't very durable I'll be needing to buy a new batch this year. Alloy has a good deal going, three or more pairs for $5.50 each. Also, if you're short like me, check out the little girls tights at Walmart. Dirt cheap and very warm.
Yes, coats and jackets are quite necessary even in the south. A leather jacket is essential and I snagged a great one this summer, but I realized recently that I've never had a coloured coat. They're always black, navy, or ivory, even when I was a child. I think this Delia's coat for $89.95 would ammend that in short order.

Because I am used to, and very fond of, the cold of the north, I am very fond of cold weather clothes and often buy more than are appropriate for this climate. I think this APC coat and I were made for one another, but as it's over five-hundred dollars, I'm sure it would be inclined to disagree.
One of the easiest, cheapest ways to augment a seemingly endless parade of solid tees and heathered sweaters, is hats. A myriad of hats. Beanies, vintage, whatever you want, a hat makes you stand out. Berets are my favourite, I own five and will probably buy more regardless, but I'm starting to get sick of all my professors commenting on how very "French I look. Thus, this bowler for $38 might be a nice change of pace.

Postscript: I have been a remiss commenter lately. I try to comment everyone who is nice enough to frequent my blog and then some, but I've been distracted lately. Sorry. Also, if you would like to exchange links or have me add you to my blogroll, just comment and leave your blog name and your url and I'll get right on it!


Amelia said...

I love the APC coat. I've been totally obsessed with sailor-style things lately. Your whole list is nice.

KATLIN said...

I love bowler hats!!

Claudia said...

I really enjoy reading your blog :)

Nay'Chelle said...

I really like the APC coat. It seems that when school gets too overwhelming I get into a sort of boring dressing trap too. Hopefully you'll be able to continue to "dress-up" this year.

Anonymous said...

where can you purchase those steve madden boots? i love them!

Hanna said...

To anonymous- You can go to Steve, and pre-order them, or you could probably find them at your local department store within the next month or so.