Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shake it Like A Polaroid Picture

I know this is going to be ancient news to you Brits out there, but I saw this on style bubble and thought it was absolutely fascinating. Topshop has recreated the infamous Helmut Newton's photo machine idea (all for their greedy corporate gains of course), wherein the subject would stand in front of a mirror and a timed camera holding a shutter and photographing themselves. I wonder how much it costs, I would love to do it. Oh well, it's not as if it matters. it resides currently in England and I doubt it would ever be travelling stateside. It is a fascinating concept though! I suppose, if you had a very good camera with a tripod, a shutter, a large mirror and a large room with good lighting (or were just a professional photographer with access to such things) you could make one yourself.

Helmut Newton is famous for his agressive, dominant and hyper sexualized images of women, often nude:

However, Topshop's interpretation is quite a bit more tame:

Oh dear. I do hope this doesn't get too pedestrian.

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