Monday, June 23, 2008

The Blackhearts

Tavi's post on leather and leather-like materials was very inspiring. But for those of us who can't shell out a ridiculous sum of money for real leather pants (and the money it takes to have it cleaned) we are usually resigned to the American Apparel black lame legging. Aside from being a little "done", it has the negatives of being quite easily scuffed/snagged. If they were ten dollar cheapies from target, you could easily throw them out and get another pair, but at forty two dollars all I can think of is how many normal pairs of leggings I could buy for that sum. It also has the disadvantage of being neither tights (which would be very Vogue Italia I think) nor pants (which can be structured, flattering and warm). And honestly, I think the whole leggings-as-pants look should only be left to the slimmest of Scandanavians. After all, you don't want to recall Lindsay Lohan.

To that end, I went on a hunt for an affordable leather (or leather like option). I have seen a lot of treated black denim jeans made to look like leather, most of which over $150 dollars. Which, while not exactly astronomical, is not very reasonable for something I doubt I'd wear too regularly.

Then I checked eBay. Yes, they are there very cheaply, but most appear to be early 90's relics, so be prepared for some wonky fits. And this may strike you as paranoid, but I always wonder when leather items are involved, where, exactly, such pants have been...

Slightly discouraged. I rummaged through my inspiration file and dredged up this photo from Urban Outfitters I absentmindedly saved a few months ago:

They are P-E-R-F-E-C-T in my opinion. Fabric, so they'll be both breathable and warm. A flattering, modern skinny fit. Denim, so it will be structured and flattering. Shiny, but not blindingly so. Since it's treated and not real, cows didn't have to make the ultimate sacrifice just so I can look like Carine Roitfeld. And unlike real leather, you can wash them before they start decaying, Jim Morrison style. Eww.

Lamentably, they are no longer available on the Urban Outfitters website, so I can't tell you how much they cost, much less buy them. But UO jeans rarely run over a hundred dollars. Provided I'm not wrong, I will be combing the store for them next week and, hopefully, snapping them up the second I see them. Layered knitwear, delicate lace, dr martens, my scalp tingles with the combination possibilities...

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Tavi said...

Haha, thanks for the mention. Unfortunately, leather is extremely unattainable (specifically for my size). But if you find the UO pants, buy buy buy! Hope to see an outfit.
And thanks for the great advice. I agree that it's difficult to say "you can't be friends with both" but I'm glad I'm not the only one finding that necessary.