Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I can't get no satisfaction

Current temperature in my hometown: 64 degrees
Current temperature where I live: the sixth ring of Hell.

Stuff like this McQ jacket mocks me from afar. Not simply because it's almost nine hundred dollars and I would have to sell blood plasma to afford it, but because nothing, short of the reversal of global warming, could allow me to wear it before Christmas.

What with all the "back to school" shopping coming into play, I have visions of stuff like this, dancing in my head (not unlike sugarplums).

but will instead spend the next three months wearing this:

*le sigh*


J.Yo said...

hmmmm i'm also starting to think about what i CAN wear to college, since cutoffs are probably inappropriate, even with tights or knee-lenghts. and i live in those lately..

Violet said...

I'd like that dress with red/black/white plaid pants in the fall on a colder day..

E. Von Bertalanffy said...

Nitpicker-mode: actually, the more you get to the inner circle of Dante's hell, the colder it gets. :)
Do agree on the coat though, it's gorgeous!