Monday, October 6, 2008

Talk About it, Stud

Every time I buy a new pair of shoes, my parents make a crack about me becoming Imelda Marcos. Now, they seem to ignore the fact that, including running/walking shoes, I only own twelve pairs. But they probably have a point in that if I had a regular paycheck now, most of it would probably be blown irresponsibly on footwear. My 'real life' friends would probably be shocked to know this. I had quite a scene the other day where I suddenly dropped my things, swore profusely, and lobbed my very uncomfortable pair of suede flats at the nearest garbage can. I proceeded to walk around campus the rest of the day, no doubt contracting some kind of disease from the floors of the liberal arts building.

So, this post is dedicated to the "moderately priced" footwear. Not the Ann Demeulemeester lace ups or Chloe clodhoppers that will most likely elude me until adulthood. But those over a hundred dollars that remain heartbreakingly close but exceed my budget. (Such as those UO boots, see post below) First up are these delicious Free People doc-a-likes for $388:
Mmmm, studs. Leath-ah. I know what you're thinking. "DIY". And true, the studs themselves would be simple to replicate. But the boots themselves? That soft, distressed buttery leather could only be approximated by very vintage docs. And Alabamians are not known of their love of grunge/punk. Though, should you find some in size six, feel free to send them my way.

Urban Outfitters should really be paying me a commission. I'm a big fan of knee boots. They keep you warm and make your legs look longer/slimmer, and not to mention, sexy. I love the odd shape of these, and the heels look very comfortable and stable, which is a challenge when you go to university that sits on hill and has flagstone sidewalks. $298 dollars worth of futile longing by Dolce Vita.

Many blogs have been lit up lately with odes to Pygmalion. The Pygmalion shoe by LD Tuttle, that is. I find the random tuft of feathers in the back offputting, but they're so damn cool, if I had the $578 to buy them I could gladly ignore it.

My inner MGMT groupie has a major crush on Minnetonka boots. I don't think they would be particularly flattering on my stubby legs, and given that I have naturally long, black hair, the "Pocahontas" comparisons would be sort of inevitable. But at a gumball short of $100 dollars at Delia's (not including shipping) I doubt I will ever get to solve that problem.


Martha said...

i am totally loving those doc-a-likes =] They are amazing

Hannah Cheeto said...

The first ones are AMAZING! And the Minnetonkas are actually $20 cheaper at Urban Outfitters.

Joy said...

HEY! I have been following your blog and are you in AL too? I live in Birmingham and I found TWO pairs of badass combat boots at the Midfield America's Thrift. One was knee high Doc Martins ($3?????? I died!) and some that could be described as you put it, "soft, distressed buttery." ALSO, that makes me think of a video Free People posted about how to "break in" your boots, though I highly doubt anyone purchasing boots upwards of $300 would dare put their new shoes under a truck!

Anywho, blog love, holla!

Emily said...

ahhhh! I said the exact same thing when I saw those minnetonka boots! I love them sooo much!

A Black Tie Event said...

I get Pocahontas jokes all the time when I wear those boots, especially since I'm part Native American and you can sort of tell by looking at me. I got mine at the Mocassin House website, for $75 and shipping was free.

Anonymous said...

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